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Napa Valley is a fantastic place to visit if you love learning about and tasting wine. However, there are other things to do in Napa Valley as well. For the golf lover, there are some really magnificent golf courses to experience, learn from, and add to your favorite golfing venues.

Where to golf in Napa Valley?

  • Vintner’s Golf Course
  • Napa Golf Course
  • Mayacama Golf Club
  • Chardonnay Golf Club
  • Rancho Solano Golf Course
  • Napa Valley Country Club
  • Mount Saint Helena Golf Course

Golfing in Napa Valley is a sight to see. Napa Valley is one of the only places where you can golf in a course surrounded by beautiful rolling vineyards in the distance. The beautiful greenery and the wine options on the course are just a combination of two great things – wine and golf.

So, to help you know where to enjoy your golf hobby while taking in the wine region, we’ve put together a list of great places to get your golf game on!

Vintner’s Golf Course

A highly recommended golf course in Napa Valley is Vintner’s Golf Course. This golf course was redesigned by Bob Boldt in 2003, a “Class A” PGA superintendent, though it was originally designed in 1999 by gold legend Casey O’Callaghan. Vintner’s golf course offers membership options, which is common for most well known golf courses. However, this is a championship 9 hole course that can be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels. Their reviews boast of the customer service and beautiful scenery on the course.

This golf course is a short 9 miles from the city of Napa, CA itself in Yountville, making it very convenient for those visiting Napa for the wine. Yountville is actually known for their wineries and restaurants, but is getting their name on the map for their golf course as well. This golf club is well raved for their food options, from street fair to classy dishes, and for their fabulous lakeside scenery. This is just what you would expect from a posh golf course. A nice bonus is that their bar is open daily from 9 am to sundown.

Napa Golf Course

Right in the heart of Napa, CA is the Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park. This golf course promotes a full service championship golf range of 18 holes, consisting of an 85,00 square foot gorgeous putting green, as well as a shorter option of a 9 hole course, for those who may be short on time. They also boast a driving range with 22 individual stalls with synthetic mats and a full service golf club house. So if you only have time for practice, those course definitely has you covered.

They are well known for their customer service and beautiful grounds. They also offer golf lessons from a PGS Class A Professional staff, which means you’ll get nothing but the best from their lessons on site. They offer different packages for different skilled golfers, as well as wedding venue options due to their beautiful backdrops and scenery.

Mayacama Golf Club

Noted as one of the most beautiful and notable championship golf clubs in all of California, Mayacama Golf Club is in a class all it’s own. Just an hour from Napa, CA, Mayacama Golf Club is definitely not one to miss for the golf enthusiast.

The Mayacama gold course is one of tradition, with the intent to walk the course with customs set back to Scottish folklore. However, this is a Jack Nicklaus signature course, which means it really ranks up there in the finest of golf course in the world. Frequently listed in Golf Digest’s “Top 100 Courses in America,” Mayacama golf course provides approximately 6,800 yards of golfing layout, sure to challenge even the best golfers.  

Combined with the wine lover enthusiast, Mayacama Golf Club offers something unique to the wine lover in all of us. In a place where you can find the very best Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir this side of the United States, Mayacama brings the wine lover and the golf lover together. Members of this golf club often get first dibs on the wine selection offered through their Vintner’s Wine Club membership with “behind the scenes” events at their wineries and local venues.

Chardonnay Golf Club

Chardonnay Golf Club; the name of this golf club will make you want to try it out just to say that you did, set among 150 acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Merlot vineyards. The Chardonnay golf club is a high end, full service, semi-private 18-hole golf course. It’s located just south of Napa in Jamieson Canyon, right at the heart of Napa Valley Wine Country. The course itself is designed to appeal to even the entry level golfer while challenging even the advanced pro, as it crosses lakes, lines the creek side, and includes several tree orchards for a variety of challenging yet scenic settings. They even dedicate some of their land to wildlife preserves and habitat, providing sanctuary to various species of wildlife of various birds and animals.  

The Chardonnay Golf Club receives accolades left and right for their excellent customer service at their golf store on site, where they provide advice to the golf newbie and even the advanced golfer. Their food and beverage staff will bring you the most scrumptious breakfast, brunch, and mid-day snacks and menu items as you enjoy your golf outing. Chardonnay golf course also offers wedding venues due to their amazing scenic setting.

Rancho Solano Golf Course

Well known for their customer service and an excellent consistent course terrain, Rancho Solano Golf Course in Fairfiled, CA is just a short 24 miles from Napa, CA. Designed by Robert Muir Graves and Damian Pascuzz, the Rancho Solano does not disappoint with creek side holes and oak-lined fairways. They say this course is best played by those who know how to select their golf clubs, as the holes are challenging due to the length of the golf course and placement of the holes.

With facilities that support up to 500 people, Rancho Solano Golf Course can support the most amazing weddings, tournaments, and social gatherings. While they offer Men’s and Women’s clubs, they also provide several lesson options, to help you maintain or improve your golf fame. With such beautiful terrain, design and craftsmanship, this course is not to miss!

Napa Valley Country Club

Due to the staff’s dedication to customer service and the immaculate scenery provided at Napa Valley Country Club, they are one of the top rated golfing locations within Napa Valley. From the food, to the course design, this club does not disappoint in any area.

Napa Valley Country club does happen to be a members only golf club; however, that is one of the features that sets itself apart from the rest of the local area golf clubs. This is one of those golf clubs that you want to be a member of if you regularly visit Napa Valley. This club offers a social outlet unlike any other golf club in the area, and tennis courts for those who enjoy more than just golf. For those who live in or visit the area regularly, you know that Napa Valley has an image to maintain. Being part of this country club helps you get there.

Napa Valley Country club includes 181 acres of beautiful oak lined landscape and vineyards. This setting really puts you right into the local venue of Napa California.

Mount Saint Helena Golf Course

Within the grounds of Northern Napa Valley, just a short 27 miles from Napa, CA within the gorgeous grounds of Calistoga, is Mount Saint Helena Golf Course. With a very nice flat layout, this golf course appeals to all golfers from the beginner to the expert level. However, it does add some challenges for even the advanced golfer, with its tree-lined narrow fairways.

This golf course is located in Calistoga, within the fairgrounds of Napa County Fairgrounds. This is a golf course with only 9 rounds but provides beautiful scenery, including that of Mt. Saint Helena, and enough of a challenge to enjoy for the advanced golfer.

Regardless of how often you play golf, or what your golf handicap is, Napa Valley offers some golfing opportunities that you will not find in any other area of the United States. It’s unique setting is unmatched to that of the other countryside of our nation.

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Does Napa Valley have miniature golf?

If you aren’t an avid golfer, but enjoy playing miniature golf you are in luck. You may have to drive a few miles from Napa, CA itself, but San Frasico has several place to play miniature golf, including: Urban Putt, Subpar Miniature Golf, Stagecouch Greens, and Scandia Family Center.   

Does Napa Valley have PGA golf tournament?

The Silverado Resort and Spa is the primary Napa Valley Golf Resort that was included in the PGA tournament in 2018 with the Safeway Open. They are anticipated to be included as well in the 2019 PGA tournament in September.

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