About Us

Welcome to Vacation-Napa.com!. Six years ago, we made our first trip to Napa Valley. Needless to say, it was overwhelming. There are over 400 wineries and numerous places to eat. Many trips later, we started to gain experience and began to sort through the countless options Napa has to offer.

We then thought, why not share our tips and great wine experiences we found in Napa with fellow travelers. So in 2018, Vacation-Napa was created. Over time the site has continued to grow as we discover new and amazing wineries.

While we do mention some larger wineries, our primary focus is the smaller lesser-known boutique wineries. After all, why travel to Napa to try a wine you could have bought in a store locally (probably cheaper)?

Napa is expensive, and if you are like us, your time there is limited. We created vacation-napa with our best tips on how to get the most from your next vacation to Napa. We hope you find it useful.